Wednesday, June 3, 2015

@WUSTL_EM #EMConf #FOAMed Supplement No.4

Welcome to @WUSTL_EM #EMConf, the #FOAMed Edition. The purpose of this weekly column is to identify #FOAMed resources that reinforce and expand on the concepts/facts discussed during weekly conference.  Please e-mail to share additional resources (or just post them as comments below).

1. Lightning Injuries 
Today as a combination of part of core content series, Dr. Noelker talked about the rare, but important presentations & management of lightning injuries.  
- For interesting videos on how lightning works, check out this video out:
On the medical side,
 - Life In the Fast Lane had this summary of Lightning Injuries
- The Adventure Medicine blog presents these guidelines on treatment & prevention of Lightning Injuries.
- For some cool teaching videos, see the national weather service site on Lightning Safety.

2. CPC/Interesting Case: Psoas Abscess
- Life in the Fast Lane has this summary of Psoas Abscess presentation & workup

- Apart from details of the diagnosis & management of a psoas abscess, this case reinforced the idea that we should reconsider the possibility of a missed diagnosis for patients who return to the emergency department multiple times.  I love the emdocs, "EM Mindset" series, and this week's post by Deborah Diercks touches on this essential learning point:

"With imperturbability and objectivity the EP will make more accurate diagnoses and will not overlook the subtle clues of serious underlying illness. This requires clinical skill, insight, poise, caring, and experience."

3. Updates to Stroke Care at WashUEM - We learned about the current state of stroke care at our institution (hint: very fast) as well as situations where hyperacute MRI may or may not have a role (such as suspected stroke mimic).

For those who want to read a little bit more on "DWI" MRI for diagnosis of acute ischemic stroke, has this article.

.... and keep your eyes & twitter feed open to catch the next WashU EM J Club Podcast on Endovascular therapy for ischemic stroke.

4. Joint Surgery & EM Trauma Case Conference: Airway Management in Trauma
Today in joint case conference, we had an interactive discussion of how complicated airway in management in trauma can actually be.  This is an area where there are lots  of FOAMed resources, so it was a bit hard to take a pick.  To list a few:
- EM Crit's Laryngoscope as a Murder Weapon series discusses Hemodynamic Kills.
- The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine addresses the use of ketamine in TBI
- emdocs argues that our go-to drugs should be ketamine & rocuronium instead of etomidate & Sux in this post.
- Here is a link to the technique for Bougie-aided Cric on the EMCrit website

Enjoy, @maiadorsett

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