Wednesday, July 15, 2015

@WUSTL_EM #EMConf: #FOAMed Supplement No. 8

Welcome to @WUSTL_EM #EMConf, the #FOAMed Edition. The purpose of this weekly column is to identify #FOAMed resources that reinforce and expand on the concepts/facts discussed during weekly conference.  Please post additional resources as comments below or tweet to @WUSTL_EM.
1. Things I Wish I'd Known as an Intern aka Approach to the patient by @CSamSmithMD
- I have shared the emdocs mindset multiple times on this #FOAMed supplement, and I must stress how good this series is.  It reinforces so much of what is wonderful about emergency medicine and is full of great advice about how to be a good (maybe even great?) emergency medicine physician.  Most recently,  I HIGHLY recommend this post by Larissa Velez which addresses a lot of the values discussed in Sam's talk.
- The power of the placebo effect is stressed in this EM Lit of Note post.

2. Trauma Resuscitation [thanks to Louis Jamtgaard (@Lgaard) for sending in most of these these links]
- * Every emergency medicine physician (especially our new third years moving into the role of the trauma senior) should watch Cliff Reid's video:  Making Things Happen
- In his lecture, Dr. Jamtgaard covered the unreliability of  blood pressure estimation based on pulse exam in trauma patients.  Rebel EM covered this data in this post.
- Want to read more about permissive hypotension? See these posts by LITFL and EMDocs on the subject.
- Assessment & management of extremity hemorrhage is covered in this post by LITFL.
- For more on tranfusion in trauma: see massive transfusion as covered by EMDocs and discussion of the PROPPR trial by EMCrit and EMNerd.
- The use of TXA in traumatic hemorrhage was critically appraised by our own journal club.  Read the results of the discussion and listen to the podcast.

3. C-spine Radiology - Taming of the Sru has this post with link to a video on interpretation of C-spine CT.

4. Joint Reductions in the Upper Extremities
- See this video  from Temple University on shoulder reduction using intra-articular injection and Cunningham technique shared with @WUSTL_EM via twitter by @ZackRepEM
- Mike Cadogan wrote this post on elbow dislocations for Life in the Fast Lane.
- Orthobullets has this post on management of MCP dislocations. Remember - flex that wrist!

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