Friday, August 21, 2015

@WUSTL_EM #EMConf: #FOAMed Supplement No. 12

Welcome to @WUSTL_EM #EMConf, the #FOAMed Edition. The purpose of this weekly column is to identify #FOAMed resources that reinforce and expand on the concepts/facts discussed during weekly conference. Please post additional resources as comments below or tweet to @WUSTL_EM.

1. Evaluation of Pediatric Abdominal Pain
- Don't Forget the Bubbles had this post on the differential diagnosis for obstruction in the pediatric population.
- Our own EM Journal club covered non-operative management of pediatric appendicitis.
- St. Emlyn's covers the spectrum of pediatric emesis 
- FOAMcast covers pediatric GI emergencies.
- Test your pediatric X-ray prowess with this series of cases of obstruction vs. ileus.

2. Interesting Case Conference - Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
- A good review on the Emergent Diagnosis of the Unknown Rash, including the deadly causes.
- Crashing Patient covers Tick-Born Illnesses

3. Neonatal Sepsis
- PEM blog reviews the evidence surrounding procalcitonin as a marker of serious bacterial infection in the febrile newborn and you can listen to a podcast about the febrile newborn.

4. Intraparenchymal Hemorrhage - EM Lyceum provides this comprehensive review on emergency management of ICH.

5. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
- New England Journal of Medicine published this recent review on Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
- EM Lyceum covers the history & physical exam findings, diagnostic workup & management of PID.

Maia Dorsett (@maiadorsett)

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