Tuesday, August 4, 2015

@WUSTL_EM #EMConf: #FOAMed Supplement No. 10

Welcome to @WUSTL_EM #EMConf, the #FOAMed Edition. The purpose of this weekly column is to identify #FOAMed resources that reinforce and expand on the concepts/facts discussed during weekly conference. Please post additional resources as comments below or tweet to @WUSTL_EM.

1. Headache PotpourriIn this section, the 4th year residents taught the first years about some common and uncommon causes of headache in the ED.  The talks were short and sweet, here are some additional resources:

 - See this post on steroids for recurrent migraine headache from our own blog.
- The Ophtho book is a generally great resource for all eye related things.  Here is a link to the chapter on glaucoma  (including the acute angle closure variety).
- LITFL Covered Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma in this post
- See this article regarding the rate (of ~ 9%) of patients with presumed idiopathic intracranial hypertension (pseudotumor cerebri) who have sinus venous thrombosis.
- Bacterial vs. Viral Meningitis?  Review the low discriminatory value of classic signs & symptoms in this post by EMLyceum.
 - Make sure that you measure opening pressure correctly - go ahead and briefly review this resource for lumbar puncture from Emergency Medicine Australasia.

2. Alcohol Withdrawal
- Review the Signs & Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal with this LIFTL post.
- See "Beyond Benzos for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome" on this blog
- Listen to this EMCrit podcast on management of severe alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens.
- Here is a link to the Bellevue paper on aggressive benzodiazepine/phenobarbital protocol for alcohol withdrawal discussed in conference
 - Review the evidence yourself about ketamine as an adjunctive treatment for alcohol withdrawal.

3. Are you LIV'N? Cardiac Ultrasound for the Hypotensive Patient

- EMCurious covered the basics of focused cardiac ultrasound (FOCUS) in this post.
- Go ahead and check out  this video from EMin5 on EPSS for estimation of LV function
- Our own blog covered Takatsubo's Cardiomyopathy as part of the EKG Challenge Series. 

4. Trauma Case Conference:  Crush & Burn
- emdocs covered management of minor burns in the ED
- FOAMcast covered burn management according to Rosenalli 
- The Maryland Critical Care Project covers Managing the Burn Patient in the ICU
- LIFTL reviewed the basics of Crush Syndrome Management
- This NEJM review article gives a nice overview of the pathophysiology and management of acute kidney injury due to rhabdomyolysis.


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