Thursday, September 17, 2015

@WUSTL_EM #EMConf: #FOAMed Supplement No. 15

 1. Kawaski's Disease and Other Pediatric Rashes
- Life in the Fast Lane covers Kawasaki's disease.  For a quick reference, you can also see ALiEM's Kawasaki PV card.  Peds EM Morsels also covered delayed diagnosis of  Kawasaki's disease in the post.
- WikiEM has some images of basic pediatric rashes.
- UMEM Educational Pearls breaks down rashes into those that involve the palms and soles, desquamate, and have a Nikolsky's sign (helps narrow differential).  I would add that asking if their is mucocutaneous involvement also helps narrow things down.

2. Neonatal Fever Not #FOAMed, but here are some links to the papers discussed by Indi Trehan during his talk:
     Who to tap?  Performance of Low - Risk Criteria in Evaluation of Young Infants with Fever. 
     If LP is indicated, how do you maximize your success?  Maximizing Infant Spinal Tap Success and Ultrasound Evaluation of Spinal Anatomy in Newborns
    Once the LP is done, what do you treat with?Listeria and Enterococcal Infections in Patients 28 days and Younger - Is Ampicillin still indicated?

For #FOAMed resources:
Emergency Medicine Cases addresses pediatric fever without a source.  
PEM Currents Podcast covered The Febrile Newborn.

3. Tumor Lysis Syndrome & Other Oncologic Emergencies
- Test yourself on Tumor Lysis Syndrome basics with this Life in the Fast Lane post.
- emdocs covers Oncologic Emergencies in these posts:  Oncologic Emergencies I and Oncologic Emergencies II.
- Not really #FOAMed, but a good review.  Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America covered "Management of Pediatric Tumor Lysis Syndrome in the Emergency Department".
- Check out this interesting case related to hyperleukocytosis from Life in the Fast Lane.
- UMEM Pearls covers management of hyperleukocytosis/blast crisis

4.Tracheostomy Complications
 - See the Life In the Fast Lane Tracheostomy page .
 -  Management of respiratory distress in the tracheostomy patient as covered by  emdocs and First 10 in EM.

5.  UTI treatment in the ED
- Blake Bruton recommends this article from Emergency Medicine News entitled "Urine Dipstick testing: Everything You Need to Know."
- Best Evidence Topic Reports covers the sensitivity (or lack thereof) of the bedside urine dipstick in ruling out UTI in patient's who presents with urinary symptoms.

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