Saturday, October 17, 2015

@WUSTL_EM #EMConf: #FOAMed Supplement No. 17

1.  Core Content: Tick Born & Viral Illness
- emdocs covers Diagnosis and Treatment of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the ED.
- What's the data surrounding tamiflu use for influenza?  EP Monthly reviewed it in this article and EM Lit of Note addressed here. The also analyzed the numbers for treatment of influenza with tamiflu

2. Rural  & Farm Trauma
- Life in the Fast Lane discusses Trauma's Golden Hour.
- Here is a lecture from Free Emergency Medicine Talks about Farm Related Trauma.
- Refer to Life in the Fast Lane's post on management of open fractures to help with all those Auger-related injuries!

3. Difficult Case(s)
- Beware "unintentional blindness" - the "blocking" effect that occurs when you are performing a challenging task.  A great example is this NPR story on Why Even Radiologists Can Miss a Gorilla Hiding in Plain Sight.
- Radiopedia covers the LeFort Classification.
- The MayoClinic EM Blog covers management of Facial Trauma.
- Everyday EBM assesses the evidence surrounding antibiotics for mandibular fractures.
- EMCrit covers treatment of Aortic Dissection

4. Chest X-ray pathology - for a nice revew, work through this tutorial on Chest X-ray anatomy & pathology

5. Foot Problems
- Taming of the Sru covers the approach to the Foot X-ray.
- Use Northwestern's excellent Orthopedic Teaching site to cover Foot Cases.

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