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@WUSTL_EM #EMConf: #FOAMed Supplement No. 18 & 19

Conference October  21st [LJ]
1. Interesting Case Conference
Sometimes its important to know the atypical presentations of common diseases.  This week we discussed Kawasaki Shock syndrome.  emdocs discusses the reasons for delayed diagnosis in Kawaski disease. f you are having trouble remember all the diagnostic criteria, check out the ALiEM  card for Kawasaki's disease.

2. Abscess/Cellulitis and Antibiotics
- Dr. Willman gave a great presentation discussing the benefit of antibiotics in patients with abscess/cellulitis.
- EP Monthly promotes skipping the antibiotics unless systemic illness or severe immunosuppression is present.
- FOAMcast discusses the ISDA guidelines suggesting that Bactrim is probably sufficient as a single agent for MRSA and Strep Coverage.
- On a related topic, the SGEM discusses Clinda vs Bactrim for SSTI

3. EMS and the changing the healthcare landscape. 
Dr. Brent Myers discussed the coming tide of payment reform and its effect on EMS.  JEMS discusses EMS and bundled payments.

Conference October 27th [MD]
1. ECGs in PE
- We covered Amal Mattu's episode of ECG findings of PE.   Take home:  Inferior + Anteroseptal T waves inversions > think PE!
- Everyday EBM EKG Challenge No. 5 reviews an interesting case of  ST elevation in PE.
- Dr. Smith's ECG blog covers the ECG findings in PE

2. #RightCare in Emergency Medicine
- To Read More about the Lown Institute, check out their webpage or focus specifically on Right Care Action week here.
- If you did not get a chance to read the Wired article about David Newman, do so now and make sure to check out the
- To read more about the silent epidemic of preference misdiagnosis check out these two blog posts at the BMJ: 1 and 2.
- Shared Decision Making is one technique to avoid Preference Misdiagnosis.  Read about Emergency Physicians Perceptions of Shared Decision Making in this article in Academic Emergency Medicine.
- Check out our own Hippocratic Medicine series about examples of the harms of overtesting or overuse, and stay tuned for an upcoming post on Lessons from #RightCare Week at the Barnes Jewish ED.

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